Social Issues

Press Release: ‘Mean Girls’ Be Warned: Ostracism Cuts Both Ways

March 5, 2013 by Shannon

March 5th 2013. If you think giving someone the cold shoulder inflicts pain only on them, beware. A new study shows that individuals who deliberately shun another person are equally distressed by the experience. “In real life and in academic studies, we tend to focus on the harm done to victims in cases of social...

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BBC News: Out at the Office: Loud and Proud

July 3, 2012 by Shannon

July 3rd 2012.   As people come out at younger and younger ages, experts say they are more likely to enter the workforce out of the closet and less likely to go back in for professional appearances – which will create a more inclusive work environment for employees of all ages. “Over a 20-year span...

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Canada Globe and Mail: Can Homophobia Sometimes Mask Same-Sex Desire?

May 1, 2012 by Shannon

May 1st 2012.   That common put-down aimed at homophobic people – that they may, in fact, be gay themselves – may have some truth to it. Two researchers, Richard Ryan, a professor of psychology, psychiatry and education at the University of Rochester, and William Ryan, a doctoral student in psychology at the University of...

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Slate: Homo Say What?

April 30, 2012 by Shannon

April 30th 2012.   Researchers found that among the college freshmen in their study, more than one-fifth of those who described themselves as very straight showed signs of covert homosexuality on the me-cued trials. And these “discrepant” (secretly gay) students happened to be the ones most likely to have expressed anti-gay sentiments on the pre-test...

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