RESEARCH STUDY: “Players Love the Game Not the Gore – Psychology Study Shows That Violence Does Not Motivate Video Game Players.”February 16, 2009 by Shannon

January 16th 2009.   lo318 "These elements, said coauthor Richard Ryan, a motivational psychologist at the University, represent "the core reasons that people find games so entertaining and compelling. Conflict and war are a common and powerful context for providing these experiences, but it is the need satisfaction in the gameplay that matters more than the violent content itself." Scott Rigby, president of Immersyve and a co-investigator in the study, said the findings should be of practical help to the game development industry. "Much of the debate about game violence has pitted the assumed commercial value of violence against social concern about the harm it may cause," explained Rigby. "Our study shows that the violence may not be the real value component, freeing developers to design away from violence while at the same time broadening their market." Click here for the full article: By the University of Rochester