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Situations in School Physical Education (SIS-PE)

The Situations in School questionnaire lists 12 different teaching situations that commonly occur during classroom instruction.  For each situation, four ways a teacher might handle that situation are presented.  There are no right or wrong answers.  Instead, you are asked to indicate how much each way of handling the situation does or does not describe what your teacher has done in the past—in similar situations.  If the way of teaching describes extremely well what your teacher has done to handle the situation, then circle a number near 7 for that item.  If the way of teaching does not describe at all what your teacher has done in the past, circle a number near 1. If the way of teaching only somewhat describes your teacher, circle a number near 4, using the following 7-point scale:

Does not describe my teacher at all  Somewhat describes my teacher  Describes my teacher extremely well

There are 15 classroom situations, and each one lists 4 different ways a teacher might respond to that situation.  So, a completed questionnaire provides 60 total responses.


Main Questionnaire

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Situations in School Physical Education (SIS-PE) Coder

The Situations in School Physical Education (SIS-PE) Coder is an observation instrument, not a questionnaire.

Validation Articles

Original validation in Dutch and French

(2021) International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

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Spanish validation (SIS-PE-Spain)

(2023) Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science

A circumplex approach to (de)motivating styles in physical education: Situations-In-School–Physical Education Questionnaire in spanish students, pre-service, and in-service teachers

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