Rochester Business Journal: Job Satisfaction Often Trumps a Hefty PaycheckJuly 5, 2013 by Shannon

July 5th 2013.


“Edward Deci, professor of psychology and Gowen Professor in the Social Sciences at the University of Rochester, says employees need to feel competent, connected to others and able to exercise autonomy on the job.

“If employers allow their employees to feel competent, related and autonomous, they will have a set of employees who are highly motivated,” Deci says. “Those on the outside will see that and think that is a great place to work.”

To help an employee feel confident, he suggests employers offer praise and affirmation for a job well done. It also helps to assign jobs with realistic goals where employees are not set up to fail.
“The idea is to create circumstances where people feel confident and effective,” Deci says.
Creating a sense of community on the job also is important.

“People need to interact with their peers,” Deci says. ”

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By Andrea Deckert