PsyPost: Supporting your dog’s psychological needs can boost your own well-being and reduce distressDecember 2, 2020 by Lemos Kelly

June 21 2020 // by Beth Ellwood

PsyPost explains a study that shows the relation of psychological need satisfaction in the relationship of a pet and it's owner.

A total of 104 dog owners between the ages of 16-74 took part in a 21-day diary study where they answered questions about their relationships with their dogs on a daily basis. As a measure of receiving need support from their dogs, participants rated items like, “I feel that my dog really cares for and loves me.” As an assessment of providing need support to their dogs, subjects rated items like, “When I interacted with my dog, I tried to show it that I really care for it.” The questionnaire included need support assessments that measured each of the three basic psychological needs outlined by self-determination theory: autonomy, competence, and relatedness.