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Perceived Parental Autonomy Support Scale (P-PASS)


Main Questionnaire

Validation Articles

(2015) Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science

Validation of the Perceived Parental Autonomy Support Scale (P-PASS)

Mageau, G. A. Ranger, F. Joussemet, M. Koestner, R. Moreau, E. Forest, J.

Key Articles Using Questionnaires

(2014) Journal of Adolescence

Parental autonomy support and honesty: The mediating role of identification with the honesty value and perceived costs and benefits of honesty

Bureau, J. Mageau, G. A.

At Work

(2012) Motivation and Emotion

The importance of perceived autonomy support for the psychological health and work satisfaction of health professionals: Not only supervisors count, colleagues too!

Moreau, E. Mageau, G. A.

With children aged 8 to 12 years

(2014) Journal of Child and Family Studie

Promoting optimal parenting and children's mental health: A preliminary evaluation of the how-to parenting program

Joussemet, M. Mageau, G. A. Koestner, R.