Covid-19 Project: “Motivating Messages About Social Distancing”April 16, 2020 by Shannon

Do autonomy-supportive messages help people internalize the value of social distancing, and do controlling messages backfire?

Investigators: Nikki Legate, Thuy-vy Ngyuen, Netta Weinstein, Arlen Moller, & Lisa Legault

This study is being run as part of a larger COVID-19 project with the Psychological Science Accelerator (a large network of labs around the world committed to open science research). 

We are looking for labs from different countries to help us collect data in the next few weeks and be a part of the resulting publication(s). There are two ways for you to join the project:

1. With us directly: this is the best option if you're only interested in running an SDT-informed study, which will take participants about 10 minutes to complete (versus option 2, which may be closer to an hour). An advantage of this for us is that we might be able to begin data collection a bit faster, before everyone has fully bought into social distancing. For this option please fill out this interest form:

2. By joining the overarching Psychological Science Accelerator project. The nice thing about this option is that since you're collecting data for all three projects you will likely be a part of multiple resulting publications. To join through the PSA: 

 For more information please contact Nicole Legate at [email protected]