Language Magazine: Crafting Motivational NarrativesMarch 5, 2021 by Lemos Kelly

March 3 2021 // by Katherine Hardin

In this Language Magazine article, Katherine Hardin explains how language learning teachers can use Self-Determination Theory in their classrooms.

Teachers need to create an environment where students can craft positive motivational narratives that position them as able learners. Fortunately, Edward Deci and Richard Ryan’s (1985) self-determination theory of motivation offers some guidance for influencing these narratives. The theory is based on two types of motivation: intrinsic, which involves pure enjoyment, interest, or desire for a challenge, and extrinsic, which stems from external factors such as rewards or social expectations (Dincer and Yesilyurt, 2017). Many teachers see extrinsic motivation as less authentic, and therefore weaker, than intrinsic (Ryan and Deci, 2000). But a closer look shows that fostering extrinsic motivation gives us great power to help our students succeed.

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