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Language Learning Questionnaires (LLQ)

Various scales are used in studies of language learning, often in languages other than English. You can find a selection here.



Language Learning Orientation Scale (LLOS) Japanese

(2003) Best of Language Learning (Supplément S-1): Attitudes, Orientations, and Motivation in Language Learning

Why are you learning a second language? Motivational orientations and self-determination theory

Noels, K. A. Pelletier, L. G. Clément, R. Vallerand, R. J.

Language Learning Orientation Scale (LLOS) Japanese & Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction and Frustration Scale (BPNSFS) Japanese

(2022) Language Learning

Measuring foreign language students’ self‐determination: A Rasch validation study

Leeming, P. Harris, J.

Basic Psychological Needs Frustration in Second Language (BPNF-L2) Arabic

(2023) Acta Psychologica

Introducing the Basic Psychological Needs Frustration in Second Language Scale (BPNF-L2): Examining its factor structure and effect on L2 motivation and achievement

Alamer, A. Morin, A. J. S. Alrabai, F. Alharfi, A.

Basic Psychological Needs in Second Language Scale (BPN-L2) Arabic

(2022) Studies in Second Language Acquisition

Basic psychological needs, motivational orientations, effort, and vocabulary knowledge: A comprehensive model

Alamer, A.