ISBNPA 2015 Pre-Conference EventJune 2, 2015 by Shannon

    Applying Self-Determination Theory to 

    Health-Behavior Interventions

    June 2, 2015   9:00am to 5:00pm

    Edinburgh, Scotland

    International Conference Centre

ISBNPASelf-Determination Theory is one of the leading psychological theories on motivation & a powerful cornerstone to building a successful health initiative, program or intervention. In this training you will...Gain a deeper understanding of SDT principles & discover precisely why SDT provides a powerful framework for:
  • Improving motivation for behavior change
  • Cultivating value for important health behaviors
  • Creating meaningful goals
Learn to practically apply the SDT framework in actionable ways, helping researchers and practitioners translate theory into practice
Distinguish the SDT approach from other prominent interventions (MI, CBT, Stages of Change) Learn how to utilize SDT in different modes of treatment delivery  (including mobile health, individual, and group modalities)
Explore how SDT is synergistic with your health initiatives, program, or intervention and can help create lasting change and improved long-term health outcomes  

Expert Trainer:  Jennifer La Guardia Ph.D.Dr. La Guardia is an established expert in the applications of SDT to healthcare. She has15+ years experience designing ‘live’, web-based, and mobile health interventions to promote health behavior change, manage chronic illness, and improve personal well-being. She also implements large scale interventions, designs metrics, and evaluates program effectiveness for employee and community wellness initiatives.