Huffington Post: People Leave Bad Bosses, Not Companies: Here’s WhyJanuary 14, 2015 by Shannon

January 14th 2014.


Self-Determination Theory faculty Dr. Adam Grant cited in Huffington Post blog on workplace satisfaction.

“People work so hard, yet so often they never get to meet the people directly impacted by their work. Companies need to place more emphasis on “end user” connection because the research in this area is nothing short of amazing. Here are some examples:

** Dr. Adam Grant and colleagues worked with call center employees at the University of Michigan. They had the fun task of cold calling alums to ask for money. One of the groups in his study actually got to meet a scholarship recipient and talk to him first hand. The scholarship recipient talked about how much the scholarship had changed his life, and he thanked the folks in the call center for their hard work. Once the call center workers realized how their work had an impact, they became motivated to work harder; in fact, their weekly revenue increased 400% (Grant et al., 2007)!”

By Paula Davis-Laack

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