HUFFINGTON POST: Who Is Driving Your Health and Wellness?July 7, 2010 by Shannon

July 7th 2010

health_and_wellness_alt_2As a student of how people change, I think often about an interesting conundrum, particularly as it relates to people choosing to be or not to be in the driver’s seat, living a life that supports health and well-being.

Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, professors at the University of Rochester and developers of Self-Determination Theory, the most respected theory of human motivation, have shown that thriving results from satisfying three motivational drives: the desire to be autonomous: to make choices that are true to one’s core, not imposed by others or one’s inner critic; to be competent: using one’s strengths and becoming skilled in life tasks; and to be connected: doing things that support others. These core drives are alive in us when it comes to taking good care of our mental and physical health, but for many people they seem to get buried and hidden from light.

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By Margaret Moore