Large Covid SDT Project in BelgiumApril 1, 2020 by Shannon

Creating a Motivational Climate for Citizen’s Continual Adherence to Covid-19 Measures

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown, Researchers at Gent University have collected a large data sample on Belgian citizens’ motivation which has become a motivation barometer that reveals interesting findings that map well onto key moments in the corona crisis. 
These findings are pertinent as governments worldwide have introduced changing measures that require citizen support, behavior change, and long-sustaining motivation. And, since our behavior is crucial in fighting the spread of the virus, the role of psychologists is an important one in the largest behavioral experiment of the century.
This has also led to a collaboration of psychologists from different universities to form an expert committee to directly advise critical policy stake holders with increasing success and impact. 

Below are resources on this project:

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