Covid-19 Project: “Resources on Provider Communication for the SDT Community”April 16, 2020 by Shannon

Together with colleagues from the US and abroad, we developed two resources to support practitioner communication skills during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Both resources are based on the principles and practices of SDT and use Motivational Interviewing.  

One issue we grappled, about which we would like your feedback, is how much autonomy and shared-decision making do patients who may feel overwhelmed desire and benefit from. 

We invite you to share these guides as you see fit and we welcome your edits and adaptations. 

Please find two documents. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ken Resnicow at: [email protected].

Ken Resnicow, PhD
Irwin M. Rosenstock Collegiate Professor
University of Michigan
School of Public Health
Department of Health Behavior & Health Education
Associate Director, Community Outreach and Health Disparities Research
Rogel Cancer Center