Business 2 Community: 20 Ways To Reward Employees Without Spending A Dime (Infographic)March 1, 2015 by Shannon

March 5th 2015. B2CWebsite, Business 2 Community offers twenty 20 non-monetary ways to reward and motivate employees in modern workplaces. The blog utilizes a 1999 study by Self-Determination Theory scholars, Ed Deci, Richard Koestner, and Rich Ryan, which looks at extrinsic rewards on intrinsic motivators. "Deci’s experiment showed that money actually decreased intrinsic motivation because such external rewards thwart our “three psychological needs — to feel autonomous, to feel competent and to feel related to others.” how money affects intrinsic motivation In a meta-analysis by Edward Deci and colleagues, they looked at how money affects intrinsic motivation. Their results showed that there is a consistent negative effect of using incentives on intrinsic motivation. These effects were particularly strong when the tasks were interesting or enjoyable rather than boring or meaningless." Read more at: