The Art and Science of Motivation: A Therapist’s Guide to Working with ChildrenMarch 2, 2014 by Shannon

art_and_sciencePublished in 2012 by authors Jenny Ziviani, Anne Poulsen, and Monica Cuskelly,  The Art and Science of Motivation: A Therapist’s Guide to Working with Children, presents a groundbreaking, evidence-based model for working with children, including those with physical disabilities, learning disabilities and emotional and behavioural difficulties. Drawing on Self-Determination Theory (SDT), the authors describe this innovative paradigm - the model of Synthesis of Child, Occupational Performance and Environment - in Time (SCOPE-IT) - and explain how it can be used to sustain the child's motivation and active involvement in the therapeutic process. They suggest ways of using language and of structuring and working with the environment to maximise engagement and autonomy and achieve the best possible treatment outcomes. The challenges professionals may face when working with children are also clearly addressed, and engaging case studies and photographs place the key theoretical concepts in a richly human and personal context. Combining accessible theory with a wealth of tools and strategies for practice, this book is essential reading for all those working therapeutically with children, including occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, psychologists and psychotherapists. You can purchase this book from Jessica Kingsley Publishers