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WEDNESDAY 6|26 | Rochester Riverside Convention Center


As illustrated by best-selling books such as Drive, Self-Determination Theory is quickly becoming a blueprint for developing applied strategies for building deeper and more effective relationships with employees and customers across businesses in many market sectors. As organizations strive to cut through an increasingly competitive interactive landscape that empowers customers to either more deeply connect–or instantly abandon–with just the click of a mouse. To promote the connection, it is vital that business offerings and communications provide significant satisfactions of specific psychological needs that data show will genuinely build value, loyalty, and sustained engagement. In short, Self-Determination Theory is a powerful cornerstone to get the connection, competitive advantage, and long-term success.


Training Objectives

The Business Applications Workshop at the Self-Determination Conference will provide attendees with practical take-aways to put into practice immediately in the development of products/services, marketing strategies, and customer relationship management. This intensive one-day program will:

  1. Review the key constructs of Self-Determination Theory that will unlock a new understanding of the basic psychology of the customer, including a discussion of how these factors can be applied across the enterprise to sustain engagement, satisfaction, and build value.

  2. Present case studies that apply the theory in core areas of product development, service offerings, and customer communication (marketing, CRM) that directly demonstrate the model’s impact on key business outcomes.

  3. Provide take-away examples of the practical value of the model in multiple markets, including media, health care, software development, financial services, training, and others.


Edward L. Deci, Ph.D.
Gowen Professor in the Social Sciences
Professor in the Department of Clinical & Social Psychology at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY, USA.

Scott Rigby, Ph.D.
Founder & President of Immersyve Inc.

This workshop is truly the first and only venue for directly connecting world-leading experts on Self-Determination Theory to your business and organization, and to interact directly with those who are at the vanguard of this revolutionary new approach to customer engagement.

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