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Self-Determination Theory (SDT) is a theory of motivation. It specifically defines the motives that fuel people’s behavior and it also defines how the social environment can support or undermine people’s motivation.

Over 40 years of SDT research has shown strong support for the theory. To learn more about the theory and gain access to this body of empirical work, check out our website at

This year’s conference marks the 5th time we have held a conference on Self-Determination Theory. The first conference, held in 1999 at the University of Rochester, was a small meeting of presenters and students. The 2nd conference, held in 2004 in Ottawa, welcomed nearly 200 participants from over 13 countries and the 3rd conference, held in 2007 in Toronto hosted over 300 people from 23 countries. Our last meeting, held in Ghent, Belgium in 2010, was attended by over 550 researchers and practitioners from the United States, Canada, China, Russia, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Jordan, Iran, South Africa, Peru, Colombia, and almost every country in Europe.

This year’s conference will be held in Rochester, NY at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center. We have come a long way in a short period of time. The growth and interest in the theory is a testament not only to the strength of the theory and rigor of the science supporting it, but also to the hard work and generativity of those who do research within the SDT tradition.

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EARLY (Ends March 31st, 2013) $235
LATE (Starts April 1st, 2013) $275
EARLY (Ends March 31st, 2013) $325
LATE (Starts April 1st, 2013) $365
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