2007 Conference

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The Third International Self-Determination Theory conference was held from May 24-27th, 2007 at the University of Toronto’s Hart House. Over 300 people from 23 countries attended the conference (see conference participants), where 71 papers were presented, and two poster sessions were held that included over 140 posters (see conference program for presenters and posters). The presentations included an overview of the theory by SDT founders, Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, as well as keynote addresses by several invited senior keynote speakers. The research was presented in papers and posters that covered diverse areas, including motivation in development, education, work, relationships, sports, health, medicine, psychotherapy, and cross-cultural applications.


In SDT, students are viewed as essential to the growth and development of the theory. Besides presenting work, the conference was a unique opportunity for students to interact with established researchers and develop their skills in an optimally supportive environment. To further enhance this opportunity, workshops were held in which students were able to connect with junior and senior researchers in their area of interest, dialogue about current research, and develop research collaborations.



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University of WaterlooUniversity of Rochester