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SDT Conferences

Since the 1st International Conference on Self-Determination Theory, held in 1999 at the University of Rochester, the conference has been instituted as a regular event every three years. The 2nd International Conference on SDT was held at the University of Ottawa in 2004, the 3rd Conference was held in Toronto in 2007, the 4th Conference was held in Gent, Belgium in 2010, and the 5th Conference returned back to Rochester, NY in 2013.   Now, the 6th International Conference on SDT will be hosted in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, on June 2-5, 2016 with a pre-conference on June 1st.  You can follow the conference updates on our Facebook event page or here on the SDT website

We have received a resounding response from participants in appreciation for the opportunity to meet with others who share similar research interests, to discuss and extend their own research based on feedback received from SDT experts, and to build relationships that will facilitate their research—perhaps even to find collaborators with whom they can work on shared interests.

SDT has continued to gain greater stature and visibility in the field, as evidenced by target articles in major journals, featured keynote addresses for numerous international conferences, prominent positions held in the field by SDT members, and major grant awards from the most prestigious public and private funding agencies. It is clear that recognition of, and interest in, SDT is substantial, and that the conferences are growing in an organic way, much like the theory itself.