PAS – Sport Climate

The Sport Climate Questionnaire (SCQ)


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Scale Description

The SCQ has a long form containing 15 items and a short form containing 6 of the items. The questionnaire is typically used with respect to specific coaches or individuals in comparable positions with respect to a sport or physical activity. The wording can be changed slightly to specify the particular situation being studied. The questions then pertain to the autonomy support of the respondent’s coach, trainer, or sport/exercise instructor. Below, you will find the 15-item version of the questionnaire, worded in terms of “my coach” (or trainer). If you would like to use the 6-item version, simply reconstitute the questionnaire using only items # 1, 2, 4, 7, 10, and 14.

Scoring: Scores on both the 15-item version and the 6-item version are calculated by averaging the individual item scores. However, for the long version, before averaging the item scores, you must first “reverse” the score of item 13 (i.e., subtract the score on item 13 from 8 and use the result as the item score for this item–for example, the score of 3, when reversed would become 5). Higher average scores represent a higher level of perceived autonomy support.



The SCQ as a rating device

The SCQ was designed to be used by athletes to report their perceptions of their coaches, trainers, or sport instructors. However, it can also be used for having trained observers rate the autonomy supportiveness of such individuals, based on listening to tape recorded interactions between those individuals and athletes. This approach has not been used with the SCQ, but it has been used with the HCCQ. A description of its use can be found on the HCCQ page, and can be easily adapted if you would like to use the SCQ in this way.


Sport Climate Questionnaire