CSDT is here through this journey with you to provide information and resources to support your learning and well-being at this time.


Large SDT Covid Project: Creating a Motivational Climate for Belgian Citizens’ Adherence to Measures

To what extent have Belgian citizens been and continue to be motivated to stick to governmental measures to limit the spread of the virus? An ongoing study by researchers at Ghent University led by Maarten Vansteenkiste and Bart Soens examine the role of citizens’ motivation in following prevention measures over time.


Motivating Messages About Social Distancing

Do autonomy-supportive messages help people internalize the value of social distancing, and do controlling messages backfire? These are the questions SDT researchers, Nicole Legate, Thuy-vy Ngyuen, Netta Weinstein, Arlen Moller & Lisa Legault are exploring as part of a larger Covid-19 Psychological Science Accelerator project. 


Adaptation of parents of schoolchildren to pandemic

A 3-week, daily diary study (between T1 and T2) of more than 450 parents of school children collected in Germany between end of March and end of April looking at some SDT constructs such as need fulfillment and vitality. If interested in data, please see link below and contact Andreas Neubauer.


How have you been dealing with this? Study looking at strategies to deal with Covid19

International and cross-cultural study developed in collaboration with the University of Algeria (Spain) and the Meaning-Centered Counseling Institute (Canada). Survey takes 20 minutes for adults 18+. Your help will help us.



SDT Covid Questionnaire

Questionnaire Packet developed & used for this ongoing SDT-based study in Belgium on citizens’ basic psychological needs, security, and adherence.


Support Resources for Remote Teams and Individuals

In times like these where many are working remotely, it’s important to keep teams and colleagues engaged and afloat. So motivationWorks, led by Scott Rigby and SDT cofounders, have rolled out free on-line tools and resources to both assess and help maintain motivation, coping and well-being. 


Facebook Group Page on SDT & COVID Research

Let’s connect and help each other make a difference – Join us on our Facebook Group.


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